Hello new website!

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Welcome to our new Google Site, developed specifically for our learning community's needs.

We are very excited about this new website, It's a place to share our resources, promote our workshops, provide channels for our community's communication and a place for students to shine!


Two events in two days!

Daffodil Day and Tongan Language Week

Daffodil Day is on Friday 28th August and Tongan Language Weeks starts on 30th August. Both great learning opportunities for your students with resources and ideas on our Coming Up Page. 
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Carlson School, Auckland

Focus On

Nobody is “too anything” to learn, at Carlson School! 

At Carlson we have a strong belief that all students are readers and writers. They are somewhere on the continuum of literacy development. Our job is to ascertain where that is and to move them along as far as we can.  We are doing just that...